Rules for Safe Bouncing Fun!

At Bounce A Little Inflatable Rentals, we prioritize the safety and enjoyment of all our customers. To ensure a safe and clean environment for everyone, we kindly ask you to adhere to the following rules:

  1. No Food or Drinks: For the well-being of all participants, please refrain from bringing any food or drinks inside the bounce houses. Spills and crumbs can create slippery surfaces and attract unwanted pests.

  2. No Drawing Utensils: To preserve the integrity of our inflatables, please avoid bringing any drawing utensils, including markers, pens, chalk, paint or crayons, inside the bounce houses. Drawing on the inflatables can damage the surfaces and impact the experience for future participants.

  3. No Sticks or Anything Sharp or “Pokey”: To prevent injuries and damage to the bounce houses, please ensure that no sticks, sharp objects, or any “pokey” items are brought inside the inflatables. These objects can puncture the material and pose a safety hazard.

  4. No Shoes: For safety reasons, we require all participants to remove their shoes before entering the bounce houses. This helps to maintain a clean and secure environment and prevents potential injuries caused by stepping on others or the inflatables themselves.

  5. Please keep all pit balls inside of the ball area: If your rental includes a ball pit area, we kindly request that all pit balls remain inside that designated area. This ensures a tidy and organized space for everyone to enjoy.

  6. Please refrain from messing with the cords and blower: To maintain a steady and safe airflow, please avoid tampering with the cords or blower connected to the inflatables. Any interference with these components can disrupt the proper functioning of the equipment.

  7. Please refrain from moving signs around: To ensure clear communication and safety guidelines, please do not move or alter any signs placed around the bounce houses. These signs are strategically positioned to provide important instructions and warnings to all participants.

Thank you so much for your dedication to keeping everything clean and safe for everybody to use! Your cooperation in following these rules helps us create a fun and secure environment for everyone involved. Let’s bounce and have a fantastic time together!